Push Up 9 Board System
Push Up 9 Board System
Push Up 9 Board System
Push Up 9 Board System
Push Up 9 Board System
Push Up 9 Board System

Push Up 9 Board System

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Push Up Board That Engages Muscles To Full Potential

Wishing there are more ways to take advantage of the push up move you've just perfected? Would you like to know different push up variations that can benefit your upper body? Then we got just the right equipment for you!

Let the Push up Nine Workout Board System show you how you can engage the different upper body muscles to reach their full potential.


  • Easy To Use: the board features a color-coded guide corresponding to the different push ups styles that target specific muscle groups. The red area develops the shoulders; the green targets the triceps; blue is for the chest, and yellow supports the back.
  • Sets Up Quick: includes non-slip hand grips for support while doing push ups. Easily plugs and press to follow the different positions that'll help sculpt and tone muscles.
  • Gives An Intense Workout: helps you to build strength and to adapt proper body conditioning while burning excess body fat. It includes access to YouTube workout videos that you can follow to take full advantage of.
  • Light and portable: this push up board doesn't take so much space. Its size enables you to bring it anywhere you go. From your home, at the park, or even to your gym. This board fits in anywhere!
  • Incorporate It To Your Routine: if you're already following an intense workout, no worries! You can decide on which days to use this workout board. 


Materials  ABS Plastic
Board Thickness 18 mm/0.31"
Dimensions 59.5cm x 18.3cm x 1.8cm/Handle bars: 362 cm
Portable  home, office, the park, etc. 

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Ease discomfort and develop muscles the right way with the guide of our Push Up 9 Board System!

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